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Vancouver, Canada City Guide

Before visiting Vancouver I asked friends that I know had visited what they thought. They would gush about how beautiful, clean, and different Vancouver was than any other city. They would go on and on, building my hopes and expectations up higher than I like for them to be before visiting a new destination. More…


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Doha, Qatar City Guide

I’ll be honest with you before I visited this amazing city I had never heard of it. After visiting, I can truly say that Doha Qatar is one of the coolest cities I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. The impressive skyline lights up at night and draws you in like a moth to a flame.…


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Key West, Florida Guide

Key West is rapidly becoming a hot destination for tourists all over the world and for good reason. It’s the southernmost point of the US, a beautiful island surrounded by pristine water, and filled with quaint charm. As Ernest Hemingway said “I want to get to Key West and away from it all” and that’s…


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Amsterdam, Netherlands City Guide

Amsterdam is an enigma in the most incredible way possible. It’s a destination where beauty, architecture, and sin live in perfect harmony. Every turn looks like a picture-perfect postcard filled with canals, vibrant overflowing flower-filled railing planters, and iconic canal houses. Delicious food is seemingly never-ending whether it’s incredibly decadent cheese, smothered street fries, or the most delicious…


Madrid, Spain City Guide

Madrid to me is one of the best kept secrets in Spain. It’s beautiful, has incredible food, and is less touristic than other Spanish cities. Being there you get the true vibe of what it’s like to be in Spain. I spent hours walking amongst the beautiful Neoclassical style buildings, ducking into unpretentious tapas restaurants,…


Stockholm, Sweden City Guide

Stockholm is one of the most surprisingly beautiful cities I’ve been to. From the picturesque cobblestone lined Gamla Stan to the grand canals encompassing every corner I can clearly see how Stockholm is the most populous Nordic city.  My days were spent exploring as many of the fourteen islands that make up this beautiful archipelago as I could, getting…


Copenhagen, Denmark City Guide

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to. It’s a colorful city filled with beautiful architecture, picturesque canals, warm people, and amazing food. I have the privilege of having a Dane marry into my family so when I had the opportunity to go with him back to his…


Glasgow, Scotland City Guide

Glasgow, the second largest city in Scotland, is a beautiful bustling city filled with Victorian architecture and delicious food. Walking around you feel like you were transported into a Harry Potter movie, especially when visiting the University of Glasgow. The Scottish people are so welcoming and inviting and happy to see an outsider visiting their…


Cartagena, Colombia City Guide

The colorful city of Cartagena is full of fun, delicious food, and gorgeous alleyways. On every single street there is something beautiful to look out whether it’s the vibrant buildings or the vine draped Colonial balconies above or the array of crazy door knockers this city is complete eye porn. I don’t think I put…


Budapest, Hungary City Guide

Budapest, Hungary’s gorgeous capital, is a lively river city so with much to see, do, and eat. Budapest is slowly but surely becoming a tourist destination that everyone wants to go to. Before visiting, I had no idea how large the city actually was. There are two sides to the city that are separated by the Danube…


Ghent, Belgium City Guide

This Flemmish gem of a city might not be well-known, but it sure is beautiful. Walking around Ghent you will feel like you’ve stepped back into Medieval Times. Flemmish architecture lines picturesque canals while the city is dotted with amazing restaurants and bars. You will NOT be disappointed when you visit this beautiful city. Here’s what…