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Why Amsterdam should be your next foodie destination

I climbed aboard an impeccably polished historical wooden boat that was located in what looked like a postcard of Amsterdam. It was a picture-perfect Spring day and the crisp blue sky was a stark contrast behind bridges filled with vibrant overflowing flower-filled railing planters, casual cool Dutch bikers, and iconic canal houses. I was immediately…


What’s in my carry on?

What’s packed inside your carry on for a long flight is so important. For starters, you’re stuck with whatever you have on you for the next couple of hours and trust me you want to be as comfortable as possible if you’re on a flight for hours on end. I feel like Mary Poppins when…


Key West, Florida Guide

Key West is rapidly becoming a hot destination for tourists all over the world and for good reason. It’s the southernmost point of the US, a beautiful island surrounded by pristine water, and filled with quaint charm. As Ernest Hemingway said “I want to get to Key West and away from it all” and that’s…


Why Ukraine should be your next foodie destination

I causally sauntered along the medieval cobblestone streets marveling over the ornate architecture that surrounded me while the occasional picturesque cable car whizzed past me. Charming patina domed bell towers ringing a pleasant tune on a crisp Spring day poked their heads above the colorful buildings in the distance. Enchanting aromas from the café lined…

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