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Antigua, Guatemala Travel Video

Antigua, Guatemala is one of the picturesque little cities I’ve ever been to. Perched high up in the mountains with pretty much perfect weather year-round, this vibrant city will make you fall in love. Flowers galore, smiling faces, amazing food, and brightly colored establishments are what you will find. Don’t believe there is a places…


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The Ultimate Week in Japan

For years and years Japan has always been on my list of destinations I was dying to visit. I’ve always been drawn to the Japanese culture and how this country has kept their traditions so alive despite being so technologically advanced. I decided for my 30th birthday (yuck.) that I was going to go to…


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Tips For Traveling Solo As A Woman

    Sometimes when the travel bug hits you, it hits you hard. You feel this inner urge to go– and go right freaking now. Even if its for a long weekend, a week, or month it’s hard finding someone that can go with you! People have obligations in their life that they can’t neglect or…


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14 Ultimate Romantic Vacations for Valentines Day

Ah, love. Sweet, romantic, head over heels love. What better way to celebrate being in love than going on an ultimate romantic trip for Valentines Day? Or say screw love and go on a Galentines Day trip! Don’t know where to go? Here are 14 of my favorite romantic places for you to visit! 1.…

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