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Checking in: The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort in Panama

Located about 80 minutes away from Panama City lies a magical resort nestled among lush tropical gardens and a pristine beach. I pulled into the Spanish Colonial styled hotel and was instantly greeted with smile, picture perfect decor, and an open-air lobby. Eye-catching handicrafts from indigenous Panamanian tribes were used as the accessories in the…


15 things you must do in Panama

Panama was one of the most gorgeous Latin American countries I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. It’s filled with history, lush landscapes, beautiful oceans, and a fast growing contemporary capital. It’s a harmonious blend of preserved native history and innovative companies. The people I met were so warm and proud of their beautiful country and…


Exploring Jordan

I sat on a handwoven blanket beside a warm crackling fire in the Wadi Rum desert. Every star in the galaxy was shining brighter than imaginable, lighting up the cold desert around me. I watched as my new Bedouin friend gently added a teapot to the fire, filled with his homemade sage and rosemary tea.…

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