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25 things you must do in Kyoto, Japan

Oh Kyoto, you have my heart. This former capital of Japan is home to imperial palaces, picturesque Buddhist temples, perfectly manicured gardens, traditional geishas, and so much more. It was my first stop on my Japan trip and it was the perfect introduction to Japanese culture. It’s a blend of old meets new and traditional…


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Ultimate 9 Day Pacific NW Trip Itinerary

Traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest was one of the coolest trips I’ve done. It’s an incredibly scenic area of the United States that I haven’t explored yet. Living in Florida means that I can get to Europe in almost the same about of travel time so up till now, I’ve opted to do that. I…


Willamette Valley, where to go in Willamette Valley, what to see in Willamette Valley, Willamette Valley travel guide, best wineries in Willamette Valley, wineries in Willamette Valley, where to stay in Willamette Valley

Guide to Willamette Valley, Oregon

This incredible area of Oregon is a wine lovers paradise. Endless rolling hills lined with rows of perfectly manicured vineyards and hazelnut trees. This beautiful area, to me, is the next Napa Valley. Willamette Valley is filled with some of the most delicious wine I’ve ever had, especially their Pinot Noirs. The area has a…


The Ultimate Day in Seattle

Only have one day to spare in Seattle? No problem! I was only in Seattle for a day and covered some major ground. It’s an awesome city with great food, views, and fun! If you’re only in Seattle for the day, here’s what I recommend! Wake up bright and early at the very cool, hipster…

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