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The Ultimate Day in Seattle

Only have one day to spare in Seattle? No problem! I was only in Seattle for a day and covered some major ground. It’s an awesome city with great food, views, and fun! If you’re only in Seattle for the day, here’s what I recommend! Wake up bright and early at the very cool, hipster…


Vancouver, what to do in Vancouver, Vancouver city guide, what to do in BC

Vancouver, Canada City Guide

Before visiting Vancouver I asked friends that I know had visited what they thought. They would gush about how beautiful, clean, and different Vancouver was than any other city. They would go on and on, building my hopes and expectations up higher than I like for them to be before visiting a new destination. More…


San Juan islands, what to do in San Juan islands, San Juan island, washington

14 things you must do in San Juan Island, Washington

The San Juan Islands are a magical archipelago off the coast of Washington. Before planning my trip out to the Pacific NW, and doing a tremendous amount of homework looking into where to go/see/do, I had never head of the San Juan Islands before. The moment I googled the San Juan Islands, my heart was…


Banff, Lake Louise, Lake Moraine, Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies, Canada, adventure travel, mountains

18 photos that prove Banff is heaven on Earth

Banff has ALWAYS been on my bucket list. I remember seeing a picture when I was younger and couldn’t comprehend something so naturally beautiful really exisiting. I was captivated by the bright blue waters and dense surrounding forests and, to be honest, I didn’t believe it would look like this in real life. Well, I…

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