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4 Must Visit Places for the Ultimate Week in Chile

  From the moment I landed in Chile I knew this place was special. Unlike other Latin American countries I’ve visited, this one felt different. It had the vibrancy that I find all Latin American countries possess, but it also very much had a European feeling. I unfortunately find in many Latin American countries that…


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Checking In: HOSHINOYA Fuji

  I drove along the enchanted winding road that hugs Lake Kawaguchi. Out of my window Mount Fuji was across the lake, standing majestically.  My driver pulled off the road and up to a small glass walled building. Inside was filled with smiling faces and a minimalistic check in area. I checked in, selected a…


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The Perfect 3 Days in Sonoma

The picturesque area of Sonoma is only 45 minutes away from San Francisco, but feels words apart from its bustling and chilly neighbor. Unfortunately, Sonoma is often overlooked as Napa Valley is more popular and I just have to say- I’m not ok with that! Sonoma is everything you could ever dream of- beautifully manicured…


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5 Inspiring Tips For Traveling More In Your 20s

Being in your 20s is one of the most exciting times in your life (welp, just turned 30). The freedom of entering adulthood, coupled with the enthusiasm of having your whole life ahead of you, means it’s the perfect time to get out into the world and start exploring.   The experiences you’ll gain from…

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