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Checking In: Aqua Wellness Resort in Nicaragua

Deep in the heart of Nicaragua on the Pacific coast lies a magical place surrounded by lush forest, wild nature, and untouched beauty. From the moment I saw this wellness resort online I knew I had to visit, and boy am I glad I did. I flew into the capital city of Managua and then…


18 fun facts you should know about Bhutan

Bhutan was a country of my wildest dreams. It’s a kingdom filled with untouched beauty, picturesque monasteries atop snow capped mountains, rich traditions, and kind people. This country hasn’t been open to tourists for very long, keeping it from being degraded from tourism over the years and preserving their vibrant traditions. While visiting this tiny…


Why Georgia should be your next foodie destination

I sat down to an outdoor unpretentious table brimming with a local Georgian supra (feast) amongst the picturesque landscape of the Caucasus Mountains. Long grass and wildflowers tickled my feet as I sipped on a glass of chilled Georgian white wine that could rival any well-known stateside vineyard. A crisp breeze circled around me as…


6 must see places in Nepal

Nepal to this day is still one of my favorite destinations. It’s definitely not a ‘destination’ most people would think to travel to which I understand, but this country has so much to offer. Many people travel here just to climb Everest and that’s ok… but if you were to take a week and explore…

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