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What To Do On The Big Island, Hawaii

The Big Island is the largest of all the islands that make up beautiful Hawaii. What draws people to visit here is the vastly diverse landscapes you can explore just on this one island alone. You have multi colored beaches such as green sand or even black sand beaches available to experience. You have volcanoes,…


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20 places to go in 2020

The roaring twenties are upon us! I can just feel it in the air- this year is going to be one of the best ever. The beginning of the year is always so exciting- dreaming about far-flung places that you want to visit, activities you want to do, and delicious things you want to eat.…


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Photo Diary of Tongli, China

    When you think of China what comes to your mind? Large, bustling, overpopulated cities growing by the minute in a cloud of pollution? Unfortunately that was what I thought as well- until I went. I had the chance to visit the incredible city of Shanghai recently and loved every second of it. I…


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The Ultimate Girls Weekend in Miami Beach

Growing up on the West Coast of Florida, I was never the biggest fan of Miami to be honest. I found it to be overcrowded, loud, pretentious, and just too much sometimes. I’m not a big ‘club’ or stay up all night kind of gal and I always had this vision that that was all…

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