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8 things you must do in Colchuaga Valley, Chile

Located about 2 hours away from Santiago lies a magical valley filled will rolling hills, vineyards as far as the eye can see, and incredible wineries. Colchuaga Valley is one of the most picturesque wine countries I’ve seen, and one that I cannot recommend enough. There are quaint little towns, beautiful wildflowers everywhere, and some…


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What to do in Pucón, Chile

Pucón, Chile was my first stop on my week long Chilean adventure- and what a way to start. Driving through this picturesque town you wonder ‘Did my plane take me to Switzerland accidentally?’ with its alpine charm. Beautiful wooden buildings sit on the edge of enormous lakes with snow-capped volcanoes peaking above. Pucón Chile is…


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15 Things You Must Do In Tokyo

Oh Tokyo, I can see why you get voted best city in the world time and time again. Impressive skyline, unexpected nature, ancient traditions, sweet people, and a chaos that makes sense. Tokyo feels as though its many different cities all combined into one with one district of Tokyo feeling completely different from the next.…


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Why you need to travel to Bermuda

Endless bright blue waters captivated me as I stood on an elevated cliff. White longtail birds darted around in the swift crisp breeze that carried the sweet scent of freshly blossomed jasmine and oleander. Below, the sound of waves breaking upon large jagged rocks soothed my soul. On either side of me were vibrant, sherbet…

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