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What I wore in Jordan

  So this is not at all a typical post for me because I’m definitely not a ‘fashion blogger’, nor do I claim to be. However, when I got invited to visit the incredible country of Jordan with my friends at My Jordan Journey the first thing I did was google what women wore there. I…


Doha, Qatar City Guide

I’ll be honest with you before I visited this amazing city I had never heard of it. After visiting, I can truly say that Doha is one of the coolest cities I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. The impressive skyline lights up at night and draws you in like a moth to a flame. Although…


18 places to visit in 2018

A new year means new opportunities for adventure! At the beginning of a year my mind races, wondering where all I’ll end up. I’ll scour through social media accounts for inspiration and make a list for the year of everywhere I’d like to visit. Sometimes I get to go and sometimes they get put on…


2017 In Review

It feels like last week I was writing about all that 2016 brought me, and yet somehow another year has come and gone. 2017 has been a whirlwind to say the least and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to experience some places that, to be honest, I never even thought of visiting. You never know where…

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